The Roundhouse – The Garden of Unearthly Delights
Season Completed
Abandoman – aka Rob Broderick – has wrapped up his season at the Garden of Unearthly Delights, but oh my god – I cannot WAIT for his return at next year’s Adelaide Fringe.

The Irish funnyman is constantly at the top of my list every Fringe, for bloody good reason! Not only is Abandoman absolutely hilarious and a very kind man but his talents in musicianship and freestyle rap are second to none and something that needs to be seen to be believed.
One of the biggest bonuses of Abandoman is that every year he’s back, you know you’re getting a completely different show. In fact, every night he’s here, it’s safe to assume you’re getting a different show. This is because Broderick uses the audience and their stories (this season in love, loss, grief, etc) and turns them into hilarious freestyle raps with the most amusing outcomes.
Hearing the context from the original content providers (the audience) then eagerly awaiting Rob’s delivery, it’s like we’re all in on this priceless joke together as Abandoman spits out the lyrics he’s JUST come up with on the spot. You’ll be amazed, impressed, shocked and overjoyed – truly feeling like you’re witnessing something special in an Abandoman show.
Abandoman is absolutely my pick of the Fringe for 2023 (and most previous years). I smile from the second he hits the stage and I don’t stop laughing and being wowed the entire way through his performances. His show is at the top of the very small list I have of shows I wish would go for longer in duration.
When Abandoman returns – fingers crossed – to the Adelaide Fringe next year, his show needs to be in the number 1 spot for your ticket purchases. Trust me.
5 stars

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