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No matter how many times I see certain acts of Dom Chambers’, they never get old. This is my second time seeing Dom in his own standalone show – Fake Wizard – and my third time seeing my favourite magic trick of his. It involves seemingly endlessly appearing pints of beer, which he hands out to the audience after their appearance, so it’s REAL BEER!
Mind. Blown.
Each time I scratch my head in simultaneous confusion and amazement. Where is this guy pulling endless pints of beer from? It’s a trick I’ve never seen before, it’s more entertaining and more confusing than any card trick you’ve ever seen from any magician. That’s exactly what Dom Chambers does. He makes magic really fun – and funny! The guy is basically a comedian and his show is part comedy, part magic which equals a whole lot of entertaining.
Dom comes across as a cheeky lad you’d love to share one of his magically appearing beers with. His show is full of mind-blowing magic, fun and a whole lot of cheek. Dom utilises modern technology to his comedic benefit resulting in pure hilarity and the sense that Dom would definitely be the only magician pulling tricks like these – which makes his show a must-see.
If you’re a parent of children into magic, make no mistake. While this show is entertaining, funny and full of magic illusion that your kids would love, there’s also elements in the show you may find unsuitable for your children. That didn’t stop several parents bringing their kids – who by the way, probably learnt way worse at school. PS – kids in the audience actually form part of the show and Dom’s comedy – so don’t stay away.
I’d highly recommend adding Dom Chambers – Fake Wizard to your Fringe wishlist while you can!
4.5 stars

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