London Calling
Fool’s Paradise
Wed 15 Mar to Sun 19 Mar – 9.30pm

Delightfully Unexpected…

The vibe, the music, the acts, London was calling and there was no way I was letting it go through to message bank!

This one hour entertainment extravaganza features a group of talented performers, all with unique talents and all of which are perfectly captivating. Magic, comedy, circus, shadow puppets, gin and tonics, red phone boxes, confetti, and a flying Freddie Mercury (well, sort of), this show has everything you never knew you needed, but definitely do.

You’ll no doubt find, as I did, that every one of the cast members has an innate likeability which makes the experience such a joy. It’s also very obvious that every performer on the London Calling bill, is at the top of their own individual game.

The skill each entertainer possesses is masterful. Even the absolutely hilarious ‘Captain Frodo,’ who seems to crash onto the stage in a ball of ludicrous chaos, is very definitely a consummate professional at what he does.

If you love all things British, you will LOVE this show.


The stage is set brilliantly in The Vault at Fool’s Paradise, a venue that feels roomy and intimate at the same time, allowing you to feel like you’re just hanging out with a bunch of super weirdly talented friends.

London Calling, in its first year and entirely self funded, really is a shining gem of the Fringe.

It’s also a darn site cheaper than flights to Heathrow for your British fix, so grab yourself a G&T, wrap yourself in a union jack and head on in for a delightfully unexpected hour of entertainment.

5 stars

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