We’re trying to see the bright side of this whole self-isolation business.

Anyone else decided that they’re going to learn a whole bunch of new skills while they spend their time at home?

So far, the list of new skills/hobbies/self-improvements has included: getting fit, reading more, baking sourdough, becoming a famous YouTuber and learning to paint.

To be honest, we’ve already given up on all of those, except learning to paint.

So it’s handy that our favourite drink-while-you-learn painting studio, Studio Vino, is now running online courses so that we can actually see through that one resolution (while in our pyjamas with a glass of wine in-hand).

Studio Vino is currently running four online sessions which walk you through how to paint a painting.

One of the sessions is free, the others will cost you $15. Once you sign up you’re given a private link to a YouTube video which takes you through your painting step-by-step, just like the in-person classes.


And, of course, they’re encouraging you to gather a bunch of mates on Zoom to paint it all together.

Sign us up! (By the way, you can sign up for any of these courses here: https://studiovino.com.au/)

Oh, by the way, if you don’t have the supplies Studio Vino also offer a paint-at-home kit which has all you’ll need for $75.

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