Jodie and Soda were talking about rifts in the family this morning after it came to light that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s fallout stemmed from a disagreement over a pair of tights.

We asked Friends of the Show when a family feud started to go on for a little too long.

Leigh from Salisbury East called Jodie and Soda to tell them about how he hadn’t spoke to his daughter for years after she took his cat from his home.

“My cat was getting on in years and my daughter didn’t think I was looking after her properly, she’s a vet nurse and I was doing all the right things, giving her the medication she organised and all that,” Leigh told Jodie and Soda.

“She was concerned that I wasn’t looking after her in the summer heat. I come home from work one day and my cat wasn’t where she normally is, or greeting me and I found a note in the letterbox saying ‘You left me no choice’. She stole my cat.”

Soda asked whether he had considered reaching out to his daughter to patching things up.

“I think I should, my son says I should,” Leigh responded, before adding that he hadn’t yet reached out to her.


The story prompted Soda to get Leigh’s daughter Joy on the phone to hear her side of the story and ask whether making up could be on the cards.

“This happened during that really bad heat wave, when we had that record-making hot day,” Joy told Jodie and Soda about her concern for her father’s cat.

“I tried to discuss with him that I was concerned about her — because she lived outside, she lived outside her whole life – about her during the heat. And whenever I discussed it he would just walk away. So I actually stole her from his house.”

Soda asked whether she would be interested in reconnecting, or if she thought he was simply sticking his nose in their family’s business.

“Oh absolutely, my dad’s getting old and, you sort of need your dad,” Joy responded.

The pair then had their first conversation in over two years, which you must hear.


Listen to the full conversation between Leigh and Joy here:

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