We’re here to help you out because this Christmas is going to be like no other.

With different states enforcing different restrictions, it’s important to know what and what is not allowed so you don’t get slammed with some costly fines these holidays.

Because let’s be honest, none of us have the cash for that right now.

Also sending a big hug and kiss to all of you that have been separated from your family this year, it’s heartbreaking but stay strong!


So let’s start with the big hitter NSW who has been split into 4 parts all with different rules.


Regional NSW

Nothing major has changed for you recently, so relax and enjoy yourselves because you’re allowed up to 50 people at your Christmas gatherings.

Greater Sydney

Greater Sydney has seen a slight relaxation of restrictions as of today.

Between the 24th to 26th of December households will be allowed 10 visitors as well as any amount of children under the age of 12.

From the 27th, regulations go back to what they were with children being counted in the ’10.’


Northern Northern Beaches

This area has the harshest restrictions in the country at the moment.

From 24-26 Dec, households will only be allowed 5 guests maximum and they MUST be from inside the ‘northern’ zone which has been measured as north of Narrabean Bridge and east of the Baha’i Temple.

“If you‘re a resident of the northern part of the northern beaches, if you live north of the Narrabeen Bridge and east of the Baha’i Temple at Mona Vale Rd, you cannot leave your area. You are still in lockdown,” said Gladys Berejiklian in her press conference.

“You can‘t accept anybody outside your community, and I apologise for that, but we have to maintain a lockdown in that area.”

From the 27th, no visitors will be allowed.


Southern Northern Beaches

If you live outside that zoning, lucky you!

While you still won’t be allowed to leave the Northern Beaches, from 24th-26th December households can have up to 10 visitors not including children under 12 and guests can come from outside the Northern Beaches!



Queensland is doing great! You can have up to 50 visitors in your house and if you’re attending an outdoor party there is a cap at 100 people.


All pubs should be abiding by the 1 person/2sqm rule so make sure you’re social distancing!



Victoria is still recovering from their second wave so they’re being a little more cautious with only 30 visitors allowed in households.

Outdoor activity is capped at 100 as well but they’ve decided to get a little flexible with their hospitality venues.

Hear this: there are NO max numbers for pubs and restaurants but once the venues hits 25 people, they MUST be 2sqm apart.


Seems tough to regulate, so be careful out there!



South Australians, you lucky dogs you get up to 50 visitors in your households for Christmas!

Outdoor gatherings have no limit as long as social distancing is being practiced, which means outdoor Christmas picnics may be the way to go for large gatherings!

Pubs and restaurants must also regulate social distancing, but game changer- you DON’T have to sit down whilst eating or drinking which is a nice breath of fresh air!




In what can only be an enviable situation, Western Australians have no limit on visitors to their homes as long as they’re socially distancing.

An ideal situation, Merry Christmas guys!




Tasmania makes me laugh because they’ve capped home vistors to 100 people.

I don’t know how big houses get there, but it sounds like it’s the place to be this Christmas!

Pubs and restaurants are capped at 250 (not a problem in my eyes) and outdoor gatherings have a limit of 1000 people (as long as you’re socially distancing), so invite all your Facebook friends, it’s a party!



ACT has zero limit on the number of guests in your home, once again as long as you’re socially distancing obviously, which is great news for all the students at ANU.


Public gatherings are capped at 500 people, pubs and restaurants must stick to the 2sqm rule the minute they hit 25 patrons as long as they’re all using the CHECK-IN CBR app, if they’re not then the limit it halved with one person per 4sqm rule.



Northern Territory is partying hard with gatherings of over 100 allowed if they pass their COVID-19 safety checklist and socially distance themselves.

So while it’s not ideal, we are STRONG and we’ll make the best of this situation no matter where we are.

Stay safe out there and have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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