Jodie Oddy shocked the Mix102.3 audience (and her mum) earlier this year when she announced she was pregnant for a fourth time at the age of 43.

But that might be nothing yet if husband Greg gets his way.

Jodie revealed on Monday morning that Greg is telling their friends that she’ll “need to go again” if another girl arrives in the Oddy household in a couple of months time.

Watch the video above as Jodie explains the predicament she might soon be in.

Jodie and Greg Oddy have had two daughters, Summer and Payton, plus 18-year-old Taylor from Jodie’s previous marriage.

“(Greg) lives in a house with four women. You can feel his pain at times. I feel his pain,” Jodie said on Mix102.3 this morning.

“There’s a lot of hormones, there’s a lot of irrational behaviour and sometimes there’s a lot of yelling.


“So he really wants a boy this time around – well, just a happy healthy child, but with a willy!

“So he repeatedly said to these friends on the weekend, ‘if we have another girl, Jodes is going to have to go again’.

“Now he’s missing one key factor here.”

“Yeah, you’re 65,” Soda chipped in.

“Yes, I’m 65 years old,” Jodies joked. “And so I am soon to be barren I am sure.”

Jodie is now seven months pregnant and said this pregnancy feels different… in fact that it feels “boyish”.


But even if this baby is her fourth daughter, she intends to make it her last.

“Oh god yes, I am hanging up the fallopian tubes, this is it for me, I am done,” she told Soda.

“But (Greg) would still push to go again.”

It prompted some stories from Mix102.3 listeners of other parents who have continued having babies until one arrived of the gender they didn’t yet have. But nothing could trump this incredible call from Rod…

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