WARNING: Contains content some people will find distressing.

Mix102.3 breakfast host Jodie Oddy has opened up about the inner fears she holds as she reaches the final weeks of her pregnancy.

Having sobbed on the lounge watching Adelaide Crows captain Rory Sloane and wife Belinda tell the story of their stillborn child last night, Jodie revealed she is “terrified” of something going wrong, and is more scared than she was with her first three children.

Watch the video above as Jodie shares the Sloanes tragic story, and opens up about her own fears.

Stillbirths are a traumatic experience that affect six Australian families every day, and the Sloanes were one of those when son Leo was born “perfect but still”, a year ago this week.

Jodie and daughter Summer share a Red Nose for Red Nose Day 2019

“I’ve asked my obstetrician about this repeatedly, ‘what can I do to avoid this’ but there’s no logic or rhyme or reason behind it and that is what is so terrifying,” Jodie said on Mix102.3.


“And I think because I’m 43 years old as well and I’ve had three beautiful children as well who are happy and healthy, I almost feel like ‘what if my luck runs out’.

“I’m really, really scared for this pregnancy but I’m sure it’s going to all be ok and you just have to think positively I guess.

“I always have bought lots of wipes or nappies (before the birth) but every time I go to do that this time I stop myself because I’m scared and I’m worried something won’t go right.

“I’ve watched a very beautiful friend of mine go through (a stillbirth), someone very close to our hearts, and it’s a really difficult situation.

“If you can get behind the Sloanes and the work they’re doing that would be amazing. Just head to rednose.org.au/lionwarrior.”

The Sloanes teamed up with Red Nose to launch Lion Warrior, a campaign to raise money to fight stillbirths in Australia.


You can watch their full story, as told on Today Tonight, in the video below.



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