Crows AFLW champ Erin Phillips has opened up about a “disgusting” “flaw” that she was willing to overlook when she married professional basketball teammate Tracy Gahan.

“Tracy has a glass of cold plain milk with dinner and mostly with lunch every day,” Erin revealed on Mix102.3 this morning.

“With pasta, with fish, doesn’t matter… it’s disgusting.”

Listen below as Mix102.3 breakfast hosts Soda and Erin Phillips chat to Erin’s wife Tracy about her passion for drinking milk…

In fact, Tracy has been drinking milk by the GALLON since she was a child.

Get this – her family of five drank 45 litres of milk between them every single week.


That’s an average of nine litres of cow’s milk each per week.

Erin’s Mix102.3 breakfast show co-host Soda was equally disgusted, saying milk is not thirst quenching and is not a drink for adults. At least not Australian adults. Tracy grew up in Dallas in the US, and Soda and Erin thought maybe it was an American thing.


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But many of the Mix1012.3 listeners were quick to prove them wrong, and side with Tracy.

“Love a glass of cold milk at 55 years old. I find it very refreshing 😃,” wrote Jenni on the Jodie and Soda FOTS Facebook group.


Bianca said she has a glass every night.

“I keep glasses in the freezer, and have a nice cold glass of pure milk with dinner, every night. Haha.” she wrote

Sim agreed with Soda that it was “super weird” but like Erin has a spouse who can’t get enough of it.

“My hubby loves his straight milk 😂 He gets the oddest looks if we are out somewhere nice for breaky and asks for a glass of milk.”

Let’s settle this, is it weird for Australian adults to drink a full glass of plain milk? Tell us on our Facebook page here.