Crime data analysed by The Advertiser has revealed both the safest and most dangerous suburbs in Adelaide.

The figures reveal that Elizabeth is officially Adelaide’s most dangerous suburb, with more crime recorded over the 2019/20 financial year than anywhere else in the city.

Over 1,400 criminal offences were recorded throughout the suburb over the year. The suburb took the unenviable title of most offences per capita, with 130 offences per every 100 residents.

However, most of the crimes recorded would not be considered of a violent nature, with shoplifting and “other theft” represented more than any other offence.

According to The Advertiser Bolivar and Port Adelaide recorded the second and third highest crime rates, respectively.

Meanwhile, the Adelaide Hills are once again considered the safest suburbs in the Adelaide metro area.

Upper Hermitage, Uraidla and Mylor recorded the lowest crime rates in Adelaide across the 2019/20 financial year, with the former recording a crime rate of 0.00.


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