It’s been a big week here at Mix 102.3, yesterday we gave away $10,000 to Rachael for correctly identifying our Secret Sound, this morning we gave Brad $5,000 to fix his DIY Disaster.

But we were super excited to give someone the chance to Live Mortgage Free For A Year.

That lucky person was Jo, and honestly, her story had us in tears this morning.

“My beautiful husband and I had two great businesses, until 18 months ago and then he got really sick. So he’s in a nursing home now, so he’s locked down, obviously, he got locked down two weeks ago,” Jo told Erin and Soda when she found out that she would be living mortgage free.

“I’ve just been left now with the mortgage and also nursing home fees which are, you know, reasonably extravagant. So, yeah we tried to keep him home for about 12 months, but it was quite dangerous…you just can’t believe how much your life can be turned upside-down so quickly.”

Jo’s husband, John is living with dementia, which, Jo says, makes the current situation with widespread shutdowns even harder.

“He doesn’t really understand what’s going on, which would be the harder part of it,” Jo explains.


“He knows everyone, he knows everyone’s faces he just struggles to comprehend normal information as it goes in. So he would have no idea why no one’s visiting him and he wouldn’t be able to understand that.”

As for what living mortgage free over the next year means for Jo, “I won’t have to worry, you know we have John’s super and that’s what we’re living off, because I’m not working now either. So it just means that I’ve got that 12 months when I don’t have to be getting so worried about where the next thing’s coming from. I’m so blown away.”

Jo will be Living Mortgage Free for the next year, thanks to our friends at Fairmont Homes.

Listen to the moment that Jo found out she was the winner here: 


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