We already knew you were an amazing bunch but nothing proves it more than our Book Of Records!

Jodie and Soda regularly go to the phones in search of Adelaide’s most extreme examples of things that can be compared easily. And now the ‘winners’ are all recorded, right here, in our Book Of Records.

Adelaide’s Biggest Baby

14lbs (6.3kg)

🏆John from Elizabeth’s wife’s uncle🏆
The big fella’s name is Willy, he’s now 6ft 5, and “absolutely wrecked his mother”!

Longest Time You’ve Gone Without Doing No.2s

7 weeks


🏆Angela from Ascot Park🏆
She had a very lazy bowel in the 90s, requiring a procedure in emergency that just about cleared the entire floor! She’s happy to report she’s a daily girl now though, go Angela!

Longest Time You’ve Gone Without A Shower/Bath

1 year

🏆Linda from Kangaroo Island🏆
She was building a house and didn’t have access to running water, meaning she had to make do with a quick wipe for a whole year!

How Much Money Did You Find?



Anne found $5k while cleaning a restaurant. She was good enough to hand it in to the owners and later on the restaurant shut down and she didn’t get paid.

Adelaide’s Most Expensive Pet


🏆Warren from Aldinga🏆
Warren’s British Bulldog set him back a cool six grand.

Longest Time You’ve Gone Without Speaking To A Sibling

45 years


🏆Sue’s Dad🏆
He had a fight over a hammer almost 50 years ago and haven’t spoken since despite living three doors away from one another.


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