Narelle and Karen have been best friends for about seven years now, so for Narelle, seeing Karen lose her daughter, Immie, not too long ago was tough.

Needless to say, Immie’s parents Karen and Adrian have been through an unimaginably difficult time of late.

But it’s their 15 year-old-son Micah who, Narelle says, has been affected most by the loss of his sister.

For the past seven years, Micah has been there for his sister as she fought, sacrificing a lot of his own life to be a supportive brother in Immie’s life.

Narelle got in touch with Jodie and Soda to see if they could help give something back to Micah for the first time in a long time.

Hear the emotional story as told by Adrian (along with a couple of little surprises for Micah from Jodie and Soda) here: