The new medi-hotel at Tom’s Court Hotel in Adelaide’s CBD is set to be a safer, more secure quarantine, but there are growing concerns from local businesses and residents.

The hotel will treat all COVID-19 cases with 60 SA Health frontline staff and police working around the clock. In a day, 10 nurses, 24 police, eight hotel concierge and cleaning staff will work at the facility but this will increase with any case surge.

Local businesses and nearby residents are worried about the quick-spreading virus and the lack of communication from the government.

Andy Parisi, owner of La Trattoria which is located only 20 metres from the medi-hotel, shared his concerns with ABC News.

“I’m concerned … they say COVID can come out of even the air-conditioner vent, and I’m not sure if they’ve got enough good filters,” Mr Parisi said.

“I’m worried about it, I’m concerned about all of my staff and I’m concerned about my restaurant.”

Mr Parisi added that the State Government hadn’t had a consultation with the local businesses or residence.


“We even sent a letter to the Premier complaining about it … if anything happens and there is an outbreak, what’s going to happen to us, who’s going to pay for my restaurant, who’s going to pay for my employees?”

Other residents have commented saying being so close to the medi-hotel makes them feel uneasy. They have said even a mailbox drop letter would have been nice, rather than finding out the announcement of the medi-hotel through media.

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