It’s not often that the entire world casts its eyes over to Adelaide, but when six of the world’s best tennis players moved into hotel quarantine across the road from the Mix 102.3 studios that is exactly what happened.

And the world’s number one tennis player Novak Djokovic has been at the centre of that attention, especially after he courted COVID controversy after serving up his recommendations for a better quarantine system.

So obviously, Erin and Soda HAD to speak to Novak while he was staying within metres of their studio.

But how would they get his attention? It would be no small feat!

Take a listen to Erin and Soda’s full chat with Novak Djokovic here:

Over the course of a week, Erin and Soda covered the front of the Mix 102.3 studios with photos and greetings for the quarantined players, put on musical performances, silent performances (following a small noise complaint) and painted an impressive portrait just for Novak.

And it worked! On Thursday, Novak emerged on his balcony to tell Erin and Soda that he would give the Mix studios a call for a chat.


What followed was one of the most interesting interviews with a sportsperson you’re ever likely to hear.

Novak spoke about everything from life in quarantine, whether he remembers last meeting Soda back in 2007, what he thinks about Erin’s impressive sporting résumé and what the first thing he plans on doing when he gets out of quarantine is.

And of course, they enlisted Novak’s help to try and reunite Erin with Serena Williams.

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