The State Government has ruled out the possibility of extending the O-Bahn from Tea Tree Plaza to Golden Grove.

Upon releasing their long-awaited North East Public Transport Study, the state government says that the option of extending the O-Bahn would require the removal of too many trees and cost too much money.

The proposed extension of the track to Golden Grove would necessitate that 41 homes be demolished, with 290 trees felled.

The extension would have come with a price tag of $250 million, an amount that the Premier says is “not good bang for the taxpayer’s buck.”

Previously, former transport minister Stephan Knoll had flagged the extension and a promised “Park ‘n’ Ride” facility at Golden Grove in September last year, but did not elaborate on details.

The proposed new “Park ‘n’ Ride” at Golden Grove has also been abandoned.

Instead of the extended O-Bahn, a series of so-called “jump lanes” will be installed along Golden Grove Road, giving buses priority green lights at intersections between the end of the O-Bahn and The Grove Shopping Centre.


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