Premier Steven Marshall remains unperturbed in his criticism of the unnamed pizza bar worker who set off a statewide lockdown by misleading contact tracers, despite his public apology.

The man, who worked at both Woodville Pizza Bar and a city medi-hotel, broke his silence on Tuesday, issuing a public apology via his lawyer for the role he played in the lockdown.

Contact tracers initially believed that the man had only been a customer of the Woodville Pizza Bar and had not worked there, alongside another employee carrying the virus.

The revelation that the man had lied triggered the lifting of the state’s lockdown restrictions and left Premier Steven Marshall “furious” at the man he has labelled a “liar” on more than one occasion.

Mr Marshall has maintained his position on the situation, in spite of the man’s apology, telling reporters that while he appreciated the apology, the investigation into the matter would continue.

“It is absolutely critical when you are asked a question by a public health official – they are not looking to gather evidence to pass on to the police, they are looking to gather evidence to design their response to a cluster – it is absolutely crucial that in this situation people must provide accurate information,” the Premier said on Wednesday.

He went on to reaffirm his belief that the pizza bar worker should face consequences for his actions saying: “It is a very, very dangerous situation.”