Pubs and bars across South Australia are making a push to have restrictions on licensed venues lifted.

Currently in South Australia, punters are only allowed to consume drinks while sitting down, with restrictions tightened in the midst of Victoria’s second wave of coronavirus cases.

However, the no-standing regulations mean that many licensed venues across the state are unable to come close to their capacity.

The request comes after the state’s borders were once again eased, this time with the ACT, while restrictions on the state’s borders with New South Wales are predicted to be eased soon.

However, Police Commissioner Grant Stevens told 9News that the rules aren’t set to change any time soon.

“That’s still identified as high-risk activity by our health experts and it’s hopeful that by eliminating some of those high-risk activities we can allow other things to occur,” Commissioner Stevens told 9News.

South Australia has now gone five months without a locally-acquired, mystery case and currently has no active cases.


The Premier made a prediction about when the state’s border with NSW will reopen, take a listen: