Apparently there were a lot of people running around asking ‘Are you the Mix102.3 Cash Man’ to random men in Chinatown in the city today!

But the one person to ask the Cash Man himself was Rebecca Diamond from Kidman Park.

She rang Mix102.3’s Michelle Murphy straight afterwards to reveal she’d just found the Cash Man and won herself $10,000.

“I think I’m gonna cry,” she said as she realised it was all real.

Listen to the moment Rebecca won and all the clues she gave out about the Cash Man’s appearance in the video above.

The Cash Man had been promising the next time he was found he would give the winner $10,000. He evaded everyone on Monday and Tuesday and on Wednesday morning (when he was flying a kite at Semaphore Beach), but on Wednesday afternoon he was found by Rebecca.

The clues he gave out were…


“I’m taking my only child to lunch.”

“Beware the dragons.”

Rebecca said she used the live tracker on the Mix102.3 website and saw him moving from Semaphore towards the city.

“We heard the second clue that said about the dragons and then we saw on the tracker that he was moving towards the city from Semaphore, and so we followed him and thought of Chinatown where the dragons are,” she told Michelle.

“I jumped out the car and ran into Chinatown and found him sitting outside one of the restaurants.”

Rebecca said she had been out every day looking for him with her newborn child, and had remembered what he looked like from the past winners descriptions.


“It’s incredible. We just had a baby two weeks ago and we desperately need a new car so it means we don’t have to get a loan,” she said.

“I think most people have already given a fairly good description of him. He has some grey stubble on his face. And like everyone has said, he also has short grey hair and a little bit on the large side and middle-aged.”

The Mix102.3 Cash Man will be back out on the streets of Adelaide tomorrow morning with a new clue and new bounty to be won! Be listening to Jodie and Soda at 7.40am for the clue.

After 10am he heads to a new location with new clues and a new bounty so be listening to Mix102.3 across the day with Michelle Murphy, just like Rebecca did.

And remember, if you don’t ask, you can’t win!

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