A South Australian man who has taken home over $600,000 in Saturday’s X-Lotto draw says that he plans to give all of it away.

That is, after he has bought himself a new bed, of course.

The Port Augusta man shared in a $4.2m prize pool with seven others, taking home $613,000.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, told officials from the lotteries commission that he plans on giving money to his friends, paying off his children’s mortgages and buying a new car for his neighbour because “he often drives me around.”

“I don’t need it for myself. I’ve got a nice little house and people to look after me,” the man said.

But not 100 per cent of the winnings are going to friends and family, he will be putting a portion of the cash to a “nice new comfortable bed”.

Fair enough, we say.


Meanwhile, an Adelaide dad in his 20s who recently lost his job due to coronavirus shutdowns has seen his luck turn around, winning $20,000 per month for the next twenty years in another lottery.


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