Sometimes it’s hard to look on the bright side of life, and so we are in complete awe at this one man who is radiating nothing but positivity after facing true adversity.

Julian, a 42-year-old Sydney man who suffers from spastic diplegia (paraplegia) cerebral palsy and requires a wheelchair to move around, was allegedly robbed while making a withdrawal from an ATM in Sydney’s CBD over the weekend.

But even after facing such a terrifying situation, Julian has nothing but words of positivity, and an inspiring message for everyone.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O today about the situation, Julian didn’t have a single bad word to say, and instead hoped that his own situation could help teach others a lesson.

He told us that he was just thankful that he didn’t get hurt and said that things could have turned out much worse.

“Thank god I didn’t get hurt and there’s been a lot of fuss made but the people of Australia have been very supportive and a little thing like that doesn’t stop me from living my life.”

Speaking about his alleged attackers, Julian said that what they did was “stupid” but he didn’t have any hard feelings towards them. In fact, he said that a lot can be learnt from the alleged incident.


“They made a very stupid mistake. They are able-bodied people with their whole lives ahead of them…I’m sure it’s going to affect them for a long time to come,” he said.

“If there’s one message to get out to young people, life’s a wonderful gift and everyone has a different purpose in life, it’s how we use it.

“And I’d just like to say to young people, get out there and get a job and be the wonderful person that you can be and have a great life. That’s what I try and do each and every day. I’m very proud to be the person I am, a disabled person, and I just love life and enjoy my life.”

Jackie was brought close to tears at just how humble and optimistic this man is.

“What an inspiration you are Julian,” Jackie said.

“That’s a real Aussie hero there,” Kyle added.  And we couldn’t agree more!


A GoFundMe page has since been set up to help Julian at this time, but being the incredible man that he is, he told us that he doesn’t want the money for himself and would much prefer it be put to good use to help others.

“The people of Australia are wonderful people but I’d like to set up something so I can help young people understand how great life is and go and talk to people and make something positive out of the bad thing that happened.”

We believe in justice, but we can certainly all take a page out of Julian’s book, and always try to live life to the fullest and just like he said, “make something positive out of the bad”.

Hear more from Julian in the podcast below!

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