Shelly Belmont works with Youth Accommodation Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Specific Services to provide services to young people experiencing homelessness throughout South Australia.

Jodie and Soda spoke with Shelly to get a sense of the impact of organisations like Backpacks 4 SA Kids Inc.

And what they heard was a sad reminder of just how close to home some of the stories of youth homelessness are and how easily anyone can find themselves sleeping rough.

“It’s multi-faceted. Drugs and alcohol and mental health,” Shelly told Jodie and Soda.

“There’s a lot of facets, whether it’s, that’s the way you were raised, whether it’s just unlucky, you know? Families losing jobs. Most families these days, especially in the circumstances we’re in now, are one or two pays away from completely on welfare.”

Take a listen to the full chat with Shelly here:


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