We’ve heard from Jodie for the first time since she became a Mum for the fourth time on Friday!

Soda and Michelle Murphy gave her a call at the Burnside War Memorial Hospital just before 8am on Tuesday morning and found her awake with four-day-old Harper Billie lying alongside her.

Watch the video above as Jodie chats to Soda and Michelle from hospital.

Awww eight-year-old Payton nurses Mum Jodie and three-day-old sister Harper.

“I’m horribly biased but she is a little angel,” Jodie said.

Harper is Jodie’s fourth daughter to go with Taylor 18, Payton, 8 and Summer, 6.

Husband Greg had made little secret of the fact he was going for a boy this time around and Jodie was not shying away from that this morning.


“As soon as she came out I thought ‘oh my gosh it’s going to be another girl’ and from the look on my husband’s face I knew it straight away,” Jodie said.

“But little Harper Billie is just a beauty. She completes our little family. I could not be more in love with this little bundle lying next to me.”

But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing with Harper.

“We’ve had a rough morning,” Jodie said. “She did the trifecta. I’ve dubbed it a ‘pee-shart-vom’.

“She pooed herself, vomited through her nose and then urinated on my when I was trying to clean her up at the same time so it’s been a long morning!”


Soda – never one to miss a chance to stir his Mix102.3 breakfast co-host – was quick with the comeback: “That’s phenomenal because it took you about 23 years to master that!”

That fired Jodie up, who went back with a quip about Soda’s preference for a ‘skinny almond milk hot chocolate’ then wondered why he hadn’t been to visit her yet.

Turns out Soda had been in Melbourne for the long weekend, going to the Harry Potter stage show.

“Oh that’s significantly more important than coming to see your best friend is it?” Jodie asked him.

“Nah I caught up with Foggy!” came Soda’s reply!


Jodie is never one to hold back on sharing and this morning that led to this beauty…

“Hey you wanna know something Soda, my milk came in this morning so I’ve literally gone to bed with a B cup and woken up with double Ds!”

Watch the video above for more from Jodie, including the gorgeous story about how Payton and Summer have been sharing their newest baby sister.

Jodie started maternity leave from Mix102.3 two weeks ago, saying a teary farewell to Soda and the Mix family.

“I feel really, really, really ready to meet this little baby,” Jodie said through tears on 20 September.

“I can’t describe in words how much meeting this child will mean to me on so many levels.


“I know it’s my last so it’s a really special time.”

Jodie will take some time to enjoy the arrival of Harper Billie, with her maternity leave extending until the end of the year. Jodie’s chair will continue to be filled by Michelle Murphy this week, before Jessica Adamson joins Soda until the show takes its Christmas break.

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