Adelaide’s city streets will be lined with super-keen Christmas lovers from as early as 9pm tonight in preparation for tomorrow morning’s National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant.

Mix102.3 breakfast hosts Jess and Soda discovered this morning that for many of the 300,000 people who will attend the pageant there’s no such thing as ‘too early’.

And it sounds as though the battle for the best spots along the Adelaide CBD footpaths gets quite heated among Adelaide families all looking to bring in the Christmas season with the best view possible.

Listen below as Jess and Soda reveal the lengths some families go to for the best spots at the Christmas Pageant…

“Last year we left home at 3.30am,” Karen from Paralowie said. “When we got to the city the kids were so excited because it’s a bit eerie at that time of the morning. We loaded up with snacks and fruit… and the kids waiting for the sun to come up the kids were drawing with big chalk on the ground and we had blankets and chairs and by the time the sun came up it started to fill up in Pultney St.

“The kids had a ball. I can’t recommend it enough. People say you’re crazy but they got pole position and it’s just creating memories for the kids. We’e going to do it tonight but it’s going to be a bit colder tonight.”


Katrina from Craigmore said she goes even earlier, and will arrive on South Tce – on her own – from 9pm tonight. But she assured us there’d be plenty of others in there with swags, all looking out for each other.

“People do say it’s scary but it’s not, there’s so many people in there at that time and you find everyone watches each other’s backs,” Katrina said.

“It’s kind of like a pageant community but I think I’m one of the youngest, it’s normally Nannas out there.

She admitted it can get pretty feisty for spots as it gets closer to start time.

“They push,” Katrina said. “I try to get my back along the tram fence so when people come in they can’t push my kids because they’ve got the fence behind them.”


This all started with the below Facebook post on Mix102.3, which has shown not only do people arrive extremely early but many disagree on the ‘unwritten rules’ of the Christmas pageant.

Discussion in the comments included: Should all kids be able to get to the front if they’re arriving later? Is it OK to have one family member arrive early to spread out the blankets and save spots while the rest of the family sleeps in?

“I don’t understand why you don’t take the kids if you get there early. It makes it really hard for those that are there early, and we are talking 3am, to find a spot. We sleep over (at) each others house and make a night/day of it,” wrote Kylie.

As a grandparent, Larraine offers to get there really early for the rest of the family.

“My husband and I get there around 2am and set up for the grandchildren. Yep we sit with them and enjoy their excitement. We do not hog the space we take just enough for our family. If you want to be in front get there early,” Larraine wrote.


“I hate the aggressive parents that come late and push their weight around and shame people into letting their children take the positions that you saved for your family at 2am.”

This sparked a debate about later arrivers finding spots that is still unresolved.

“I had abuse hurled at me for trying to find a spot for a 3 & 4 year old that was not behind adults on an unoccupied piece of footpath (with myself standing at the back),” wrote Anna.

“I was so pleased that by the time the pageant commenced about 50 people had also squeezed in. How utterly entitled are these people who think you can claim 12m2 of pageant real estate just because you martyred yourself from 2am.”

Annette said she would not be made to feel guilty for sitting with the kids.


“I’m ok with sharing front row space once I’m sure my grand kids are okay. I don’t feel guilty about sitting with my grand kids and enjoying their excitement,” she wrote.

If you do feel the need to respond in the comments, do not resort to personal attacks.

It’s Christmas everyone, let’s show each other kindness especially on one of Adelaide’s most unique and celebrated days! Enjoy the pageant!

PS There’s been a change to the pageant for this year. Details in the post below…