Luke Darcy’s always telling us that Soda is the No. 1 man in Adelaide for what’s happening in footy in Adelaide.

But until today Soda’s Mix102.3 breakfast co-host Jodie hasn’t been convinced.

He might break news on Channel 7 but what about bringing something to the Mix102.3 breakfast show?

That all looks to have changed this morning when Soda dropped a brand new rumour that he seemed pretty certain about that involves both the Crows and the Power.

“I’ve just been told Jodes that someone who is a very, very key and iconic figure at one of our South Australian clubs will be crossing Port Rd to help out the other club,” Soda said.

“Someone who is a very important part of one of our clubs here will be helping out the other club.

“Someone will be guilty of treason!”


Hmmmm… anyone want to have a guess?

Would Kochie lend morning TV hosting advice to the Crows? Would the likely to be outgoing Rob Chapman step over and help the Power instead? Surely Roo wouldn’t give the Power any advice on how to talk to supporters?!

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