We know that toilet paper and hand sanitiser are the hottest items on shops’ shelves across the country right now.

But Soda reckons that he might uncovered another product that seems to be flying off the shelves.

Soda’s trip to Officeworks on the weekend wasn’t entirely successful…

“I went to Officeworks, and you know how everyone’s meant to be at home or not going out unless they need to, essentially. I’ve rocked up to Officeworks…the line up to get into Officeworks, the cars were lined up, the car park completely full and it was like 10 cars on the road waiting to get in,” Soda told Erin this morning.

Listen to what Soda found was flying off the shelves at Officeworks here:

“Finally, got a car park after about twenty minutes, I walked in and there were people everywhere, it was like a nightclub. And I must admit, they were trying to do the right thing by social distancing, all the arrows on the floor. But there were so many people that it was just crazy.”

“I had to pick up a printer because Mrs Soda needs it for work at the moment because she’s working from home and we don’t have a printer at home. So I thought ‘no worries.’ I’ve walked over to the young bloke and go ‘printers?’ he goes ‘yeah, up there mate, good luck.'”


When he walked to the printer aisle, there was virtually nothing, apart from the high-end stuff.

“You know they have them on the top of the display the underneath the boxes you pick one up? Empty, right? Until you want to go up to the high-end, you know $600, $500 chaps which I have no idea about. All the sort-of stand-in cheaper printers, absolutely gone. The shelves were bare.”