Mark ‘Soda’ Soderstrom intends to organise South Australia’s “greatest backyard cricket game”… he just needs a backyard!

Soda launched his initiative on Mix102.3’s breakfast show on Monday morning, putting the challenge to co-host Jess Adamson to come up with the other team.

Listen below and Jess and Soda discuss their plans – and the reasons behind – their upcoming backyard cricket game…

The idea is to pit Soda’s team – representing the Childhood Cancer Association – against Jess’s team – representing Canteen.

The idea came from a conversation Soda had as an ambassador for the Childhood Cancer Association, when he learned about the SIBS (Super Important Brothers and Sisters) program.

“Childhood cancer Association does this for kids who have a brother or sister going through cancer, sometimes these kids feel left out, they feel a little more vulnerable, they feel confused,” Soda explained this morning.


“It’s so confronting so what the good guys at Childhood Cancer Association do is run a support program through school holidays (for the brothers and sisters).”

The headline act for the SIBS program – and this game of backyard cricket – is 13-year-old Jesse Pannenburg.

“When he was seven he lost his little sister Holly, who didn’t get to her first birthday when she was diagnosed and subsequently passed away from leukaemia,” Soda said.

“I don’t even know how you can go through that. I know we have got people listening now who have lost brothers and sisters and who have lost children… to you guys the strength you have to go on is amazing.

“(Jesse) loves his cricket and he and his dad Mark get together and really enjoy their cricket.

“I want to help little Jesse and the family here, I want to create South Australia’s greatest game of backyard cricket that has ever taken place.”


Soda and Jess reminisced about the good old days of playing backyard cricket as kids, including the tape on half of the ball, the six-and-out for over the fence, one-hand-one-bounce, and the always contentious issue of whether it was ‘tippy-go’ or not.

Soda said Jesse would be his team’s captain, and will build the rest of his Childhood Cancer Association team in the coming days.

He challenged Jess, who is an ambassador for Canteen, to do the same and build a team for Canteen so the two charities can go head-to-head in a South Australian backyard in the coming weeks.

“We’re going to stockpile our teams with some absolute superstars… there’s only one issue – we need to find South Australia’s best backyard,” Soda said.

“I hadn’t thought that far ahead yet. I just need a backyard.

“Anyone who has a magnificent backyard, if you’ve got one or you know one, let us know!”


So if that’s you – with a backyard fitting for SA’s greatest ever backyard cricket game – please get in touch via or via Facebook messenger.

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