Mark ‘Soda’ Soderstrom and Jake ‘Hungry Dwarf’ Edwards have become the first people to ever finish a 4.2kg T-Bone steak at the renowned Gaucho’s Argentinian Restaurant in Adelaide.

The duo sat down to lunch at 12.40pm on Thursday after their cut from Austral Meat – that looked a lot more like a whole roast than a steak – had spent three hours cooking on the grill.

Watch the video above as Soda and Jake take on an absolute monster of a steak, the equivalent of 11 supermarket T-Bones.

About 45mins later they were done. Meat eaten. Bone gnawed.

Heroes to competitive meat-lovers. Idiots to those who would cop the windy repercussions of their punished digestive system.

Why do it, you ask?


Well, Joe from Gaucho’s offered after he heard on Mix102.3 that Soda was planning on breaking an eating record while he was in New York to run the marathon next week.

Having never taken on an eating challenge before, it made sense that Soda would need a warm-up before he went.

The other thing he needed was an eating buddy. So after putting out the call to find Adelaide’s best eaters, he found Jake – Adelaide’s No.1 competitive eater.

But even Jake, who just the night before had eaten 50 chicken wings to break a record at The Home Of Low ‘N’ Slow, admitted this 4.2kg steak would be the biggest challenge he had ever attempted.

Joe brought out the steaks to gasps from Soda, Jake, and the small crowd that had gathered to witness the event. Not to mention the thousands watching live on the Mix102.3 Facebook page.


The steaks were charcoal on the outside and medium rare on the inside, marinated to perfection and served on a chopping board without chips.

At 4.2kg it was a whole kilogram heavier than the average newborn baby and equivalent to eating 11 regular T-Bones from the supermarket.

As they ate, Soda sipped water and Jake went with Coke (which Soda adopted later on), their conversation slowly reducing to silence as the task became more and more difficult.

But by the end they were convinced it hadn’t been as hard as they anticipated.

Soda had been seriously warned earlier in the week by dietician Louise Mudge. She had made the analogy that a piece of meat that size would have the fat equivalent of three packets of butter, and the protein equivalent of 11 cartons of eggs.


“You’ll get reflux, heartburn,” she said. “That’s really going to kick in on Thursday night. You’re going to have the most horrendous sleep. Then when it hits your gut you’ll have a really loose bowel motion because of the high fat initially but then you’ll get constipated.”

The worst of it may still be to come.

Poor Mrs Soda.

UPDATE: Soda has revealed how bad things got after he got home and his body began attempting to digest that monster steak.

He even recorded a video at 2.21am last night to show that it wasn’t only him who was suffering…

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