Remember The Curiosity Show? It was an absolute South Aussie institution that ran from 1972 to 1990, and it’s found a new life online amongst Gen Zs.

Rob Morrison and Deane Hutton started a YouTube channel back in 2013 to share their super accessible science with a whole new generation.

Now the show has sprung up again on TikTok, but this time, without the blessing of Rob and Deane, who happen to own the show’s rights.

The pair are now faced with the dilemma of what to do with the rip-off channels.

This morning, Erin and Soda took a straw poll around the team to see who remembers The Curiosity Show back from when it was on telly.

Soda remembers, but it didn’t ring a bell for Erin and Shane. So they asked the people of Adelaide to share some of their memories of the show.

Take a listen to Adelaide’s memories of this great TV show here: 

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