An Adelaide publican is pushing for a change in rules to allow punters to bring their dogs with them inside of pubs.

Duke of Brunswick publican Simone Douglas is petitioning the Federal Government to review legislation banning dogs, according to The Advertiser.

Under current rules, only service dogs are allowed into indoor areas where food is served.

Ms Douglas has launched a petition, which she plans on presenting to the Federal Government once she receives 1000 signatures.

The ban cites the current rules which ban dogs and companion animals in any area that food is handled.

However, it goes on to argue that there is little evidence of risk posed by animals’ presence in those areas.

While the proposed change would not compel venues to allow animals into their venue, it would give venues the option to allow patrons to bring companion animals.


Ms Douglas told The Advertiser that until a month ago, she had been allowing her patrons to bring dogs into the hotel.

However, a visit from Adelaide City Council inspectors put an end to the practice.

While the idea of allowing dogs into pubs and restaurants may seem unlikely, several countries around the world allow their furry friends alongside them while dining.

Dogs are commonplace in restaurants across Europe, with countries like Italy, France and Switzerland all having laws that allow four dogs where food is served.

You can find the official petition here.

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