Nelly has been through an awful run recently, with life throwing more than her fair share her way.

One of Jodie and Soda’s friends of the show, Donna, reached out with an email to tell them about what has been happening in the life of her mother, Nelly.

Donna started: “I would love you to help my mum out, she has a huge problem with her electricity box.”

“She had someone that was going to fix it, but they pulled all the wires out. She had to get another electrician out and she’s on a pension and it cost her $1,800 over the last two fortnights and that’s left her with no money to do anything in terms of food and bills. It would be appreciated if you could help her out in any way, she is eighty-three.”

The whole situation started when Nelly’s son passed away two years ago.

“One of his mates that was going to start fixing it, so he started to pull all the wires out and my brother passed away. And he never got back to fix it,” Donna explains.

When Jodie and Soda called her, Nelly told them that she has “struggled to pay everything” recently.


Naturally, Jodie and Soda wanted to help, as did friends of the show, with Damien from Woodville West making an incredible donation

Take a listen to what happened when Jodie and Soda came to the rescue here:

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