A Santos worker has rescued two international students who became lost in the South Australian outback for two days without food or water.

The pair became stuck after the car they were driving got bogged about an hour north of Innamincka in the state’s north-east.

The two students, one from France and the other from Hong Kong abandoned their SUV after becoming bogged on Sunday.

They spent the next two days searching for help without food or water, eventually dropping hand-written notes on the ground and etching ‘SOS’ into the dirt alongside the road.

A Santos worker eventually found the students after citing their calls for help, dropping them at the Innamincka Trading Post before being medically checked by the Royal Flying Doctors.

In one note discovered, the students had estimated that they had been walking for approximately 60 kilometres since abandoning their car.

It is the second time a pair of people became stuck in the SA outback near Innamincka in less than a week.