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Soda And Scott Cam React To Trying 'Sh## The Bed' Hot Sauce 🔥

Soda’s been waiting weeks for an opportunity to try what is arguably the hottest sauce known to mankind. It’s the Black Label version of “Sh** The Bed” by Bunsters and has a not-so-mild 16 out of 10 rating. It also warns about an** leakage on the label.

So when The Block’s Scott Cam came into the studio, Soda thought this was his chance – two manly men eating pies covered in dangerously hot sauce together.

Turns out Scott is a helluva lot more sensible than Soda. He just tried a tiny bit off his finger, realised it was stupidly hot and got on with enjoying his pie, minus sauce.

Soda on the other hand, smothered his pie in sauce and after being surprised he could still talk after the first mouthful then went on to devour the lot.

That might have been a huuuuge mistake. Especially if the label is true to its word.