Last year, around 170,000 children across Australia received child protection services of some type with around 45,000 kids in out-of-home care due to concerns for their safety.

While the story behind each and every child varies greatly, one thing is true for many of these kids, they often have very little or no notice before leaving their homes.

That means little-to-no clothing, toiletries or other essential items for so many.

Backpacks 4 SA Kids is an organisation that exists to support children entering foster care and those affected by domestic violence, youth homelessness or displacement from home.

Rachael Zaltron is founder and general manager, she told Jodie and Soda about the difficulties being faced by so many of the kids they help.

“Some of our kids are facing, just hell. They might be living in an environment that’s just full of violence and aggression,” Rachael told Jodie and Soda.

“Some of them haven’t been fed properly, some of them have been overfed and just overwhelmed. Some of them have not been to school for six months.”


As you might expect, Christmas is a difficult time for many of these children.

Every year, Backpacks 4 SA Kids run a toy drive that aims to give thousands of children a happier Christmas.

However, the toy drive relies on the people of Adelaide generously donating Christmas gifts for those in need.

When Jodie and learned of this, they were moved to help, launching Jodie & Soda’s Christmas Deed For Kids In Need.

Hear more about the good work that Rachael and her organisation do, then find out how you can help here:

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