Jodie Oddy has said an emotional goodbye to Soda and the Mix102.3 family as she takes time off to have her fourth child.

Jodie, 43, will take maternity leave from Monday, saying she intends to cherish the arrival of the baby which she knows will be her last.

Watch the video above as Mix102.3 farewells Jodie with a song by producer Thom Lion and touching words from co-host Soda.

The new bundle of joy will be Jodie and Greg’s third child together and a brother or sister to 18-year-old Taylor, eight-year-old Payton and six-year-old Summer.

“I feel really, really, really ready to meet this little baby,” Jodie said through tears this morning.

“I can’t describe in words how much meeting this child will mean to me on so many levels.

“I know it’s my last so it’s a really special time.”


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Soda then spoke from the heart, putting aside all his usual jibes to sum up the feelings of the tight-knit Mix102.3 team and all its listeners.

“I know with all our FOTS – our friends of the show – we all wish a very safe passage for that little one to pop out,” Soda started (although Jodie did find that bit funny!)

“Everyone really wishes you much happiness over the next few months, for you, the Iceman and all the family.


“We know that you’re going to have a wonderful addition to what is already a beautiful family that you have.

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“I’ve just got to say Jodes, I know it’s been a really challenging year for you. You’ve had pregnancy and a whole lot of different things going on so I’d just like to say on behalf of me, thank you so much for being the best on-air partner that anyone could ever wish for.

“Certainly someone will come and take your seat while you’re on maternity leave but there is no way known that anyone could replace you.

“You are without doubt one of the very finest performers in radio in Australia and you’ve done this job for a long time and the reason you’ve done it for a long time is because you’re very bloody good at it.

“You make my life easier and you make it a joy to wake up at such an early time every day.


“I really, really can’t wait to meet little Mark when he comes out… or Markette as it may be.”

Jodie was then crying for the second time, having heard the touching song from Thom Lion (watch above) but managed to reply in an equally moving way to Soda.

“Thank you so much for putting up with my mood swings, my food cravings, my tiredness, my ups and downs,” she said.

“I love waking up to work with you every day and I’m very, very blessed indeed so thank you.”

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