Before this weekend’s Showdown, Jodie and Soda decided that they should have a Showdown of their own.

Travis Boak versus Tom Lynch facing off…auction style, all in support of The Village Co.

Today, Jodie and Soda gave you the chance to get your hands on Tom Lynch’s budgy smugglers and were absolutely blown away by the response.

“You’ve got the opportunity to get into my pants, I’m offering up a pair of budgy smugglers. A personalised pair of budgy smugglers that I’ve worn every game this year,” Tom told Jodie and Soda.

Once the auction opened, the bids were flying thick and fast.

But with only twenty seconds left, Kelly from Elizabeth Vale called through with an monster bid.

Listen to the auction for Tom Lynch’s budgy smugglers here:


Listen in to Jodie and Soda tomorrow morning to place your bid on Travis Boak’s pillow!