Jodie & Soda are doing everything they can to try and make Cooper’s dreams of getting back to playing basketball a reality.

Cooper was born without the fibula bone in his left leg. A condition that meant he had spent most of his life going through painful surgeries (including the excruciating leg-lengthening procedure).

Eventually, Cooper was faced with a decision, continue with the painful surgeries with no promise of success, or opt for the massive step of amputation.

The 12-year-old made the massive call to have his leg amputated so that he could get back to doing what he loves, playing basketball.

When Jodie & Soda met the young man they knew that they had to whatever they could to make his dreams come true.

Now that Coop is post-surgery and getting around on a brand new leg, Jodie & Soda revealed their massive dream-come-true surprise.

His return to basketball would be in a massive all-star game against the Adelaide 36ers on November 12 in front of thousands of fans.


We have a date, we have a team to play against, we just needed a place to play. Simple, right?

Not so much, after chatting with Adelaide 36ers CEO Ben Kavanagh, Jodie & Soda learned that we can’t just rock up at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre and play a game of basketball, even if it is their home court.

The Entertainment Centre falls under the state government, which means that if Cooper’s going to play on the famous Brett Maher Court, Jodie & Soda would have to convince someone in the state government to let him do it.

So why not go straight to the top?

Jodie & Soda were able to track down Premier Steven Marshall, and asked if we might be able to borrow the Entertainment Centre for one night.

Things aren’t as simple as that, apparently, even for the Premier.


Take a listen to whether or not the game will be able to go ahead at the 36ers home court here… 

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