Like it or not, the mullet is back!

You only need to look at any game of AFL to find just how prevalent the glorious Mississippi Mudflap has become again.

But in spite of the trend making its comeback, there are some mullet-wearers who have kept it real, even when the mullet was totally unpopular.

Wade is one of those people, with a mullet four years in the making.

Jodie and Soda caught up with Wade this morning, letting him know that he would be the first finalist in their hunt for Adelaide’s Best Mullet.

Wade shared the origin story of the Toadie-esque mullet, and what happened when he was asked to trim that curly bad boy for a wedding.

Take a listen to the full chat with Wade here:


Got an epic mullet? You could still make the finals in the hunt for Adelaide’s Best Mullet, email with a photo of your mullet to enter!