This is a genuine moral dilemma, and it has raised a very good question that we had not thought about too much until now.

As parents, you sometimes take it for granted that you will agree with your partner on most of the important things, and maybe agree to disagree on some matters.

But what happens when both parents can’t agree on whether or not their child should get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Erin and Soda were discussing this very situation this morning after it reared its head in the life of one of Erin’s friends.

Her friends’ child is just five-years-old, the mum wants to vaccinate to protect her daughter, while the dad is worried about the unknown, long-term effects of the vaccine.

So what do you do? We asked to people of Adelaide to put themselves in this couple’s shoes, and they came back with some wonderful advice, including the four most important things you should ask your partner before getting married.

Take a listen here:



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