When the sun goes down and the lights are off, things tend to get a bit freaky at the Adelaide Zoo.

Adelaide Zoo is opening its gates past sundown for those passionate about the paranormal After Dark.

Lead by Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons, they will be giving you the full paranormal investigative experience where the noises, stories and mysteries will come to life in the first ever tour of its kind.

Explore Minchin House, the Rotunda and the old Nocturnal House with state of the art paranormal equipment to uncover the mysterious and tell the stories behind the zoo and its animals.

Original Polar Bear enclosure – the site of a keeper incident in 1930. Find out more on the tour! (1908)

Built in 1887, the Zoo has had their fair share of spooky sightings. Haunted Horizons’ Alison Oborn has said that “a women who dresses in a long skirt with long sleeves with her hair pulled back” has been reported at the original residence of the zoo directors, Minchin House.

Additionally, it is believed a zoo keeper killed by a polar bear is still lingering around the service tunnels.


“We went with zoo staff into the service tunnel of the nocturnal house, a big U-shaped tunnel close to where the keeper was killed, and I took my voice recorder and other (paranormal investigative) equipment down one side as I had heard footsteps,” she said.

Original Zoological Gardens front gate (1884 or 1885). Can you see Miss Siam, the zoo’s first elephant?

“Suddenly there was something very black about human height right next to me … I was startled enough to leap back and knock my equipment all over the place – in 32 years of doing this, I’ve stumbled across what I can’t explain about 15 times and this was one of those.”

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