A 17-month-old girl has been injured after she was shot in the face in a random attack over the weekend.

Anderson Davis was reportedly sitting in her carseat when the alleged gunman shot at her family’s car.

The toddler was left with shrapnel in her right chest, a hole through her bottom lip and tongue, and her front teeth completely knocked out, a source close to the family reports.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for the family, with over $145,000 already being raised to help support Anderson.

AAP report that the gunman was driving a gold Honda when he was pulled over but later abandoned that vehicle and stole a mail delivery truck from which he continued his rampage, Rogers said. The shooting left crime scenes all over the city with a population of about 116,000.


“The suspect came into Odessa and just started shooting,” Mayor David Turner said on Fox News.

Turner said the shooter shot from his vehicle into a restaurant and retail area of Odessa before he was shot and killed in an area near a cinema.

Rogers and Turner said there was only one shooter despite earlier reports that there might have been two.

People were instructed to “get off the road and use extreme caution,” according to a Odessa Police Department post on Facebook, and Rogers said at his news conference that people should still remain indoors and use caution if they have to go out.

US President Donald Trump said he been briefed by Attorney General William Barr about the shootings. The FBI and other law enforcement are “fully engaged,” he tweeted, promising more updates later.

Vice President Mike Pence commended law enforcement for their “swift and courageous response” to the shooting. The president will continue to monitor the situation, he added.


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