In a creative attempt to stop the Olympics from going ahead, a Japanese woman has tried to douse the Olympic Torch using a water gun.

Footage has come to light showing the attempted innocent assassination of the Olympic flame with the woman yelling “No Olympics! Stop the Games!” in Japanese when she let water rain.

The relay was going through the Ibaraki prefecture, about an hour northeast of Tokyo.

You can see the runner with the Olympic Torch trotting by with a path lined of people who had come out to see the marvelled flame. The lady very casually and swiftly whips out her water gun and begins squirting the flame.

The runner looks at her, not phased at all, probably because he’s trying not to sound too puffed with all these people around and also because she’s only holding a water gun. But the police put a stop to her antics within seconds.

Controversially Mito deputy police chief Noriaki Nagatsuka told Vice, “You can’t shoot water at people for no good reason. She clearly wasn’t playing around – this isn’t child’s play.”


And I don’t know if chief Nagatsuka has ever played with a water gun, but it is nothing but a playful experience. I would often shoot people with a water gun for zero reason, but single handily trying to cancel the world’s most renowned sporting games may be going a bit too far.

The woman has since been arrested for the stunt and for deliberately interfering with the relay.

Understandably, Japanese people aren’t too excited about the games with a recent poll finding that 86% of the population are concerned about the rising Covid cases as a result of the Olympics.

With only 14% of the Japanses population having been vaccinated so far, locals are concerned for the health and safety of their own people.

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