ABC journalist Leigh Sales was left shaken after a tub of yoghurt was thrown at her at a public event in Perth on Sunday.

The 7.30 presenter was in the process of describing the harrowing moment she almost lost her life while pregnant when she was hit with a 200g blueberry yoghurt tub.

According to police, sales “took evasive action” when the audience member threw the item, which sprayed her legs and splattered across the stage.

The alleged perpetrator was immediately removed from the venue.

“Wow. Thank you very much to our security people for dealing with that. Thank you,” Sales said while the man was being escorted out.

She continued with her speech.

“I am fine. I am quite happy to go on. If everyone else is alright, I am happy to go on,” she said as the audience applauded.


The yoghurt thrower has been charged with common assault, and is due to appear in the Perth Magistrates Court on August 27.