State political party SA-BEST believes the Adelaide Crows are set to build a new multi-million dollar training and administration base on the site of the Adelaide Aquatic Centre at North Adelaide.

SA-BEST released a statement staying it “believes the plans are advanced to have the Adelaide Aquatic Centre as the club’s preferred site – and would involve its demolition”.

It stated that ovals surrounding the centre will be part of the development plans, meaning nearby Blackfriars Priory School will need to find a new base for its football games.

The Adelaide Crows have used West Lakes as its home base since its inception in 1990, spending millions of dollars on upgrading their facilities at the now defunct AAMI Stadium about ten years ago. It has a “rent-free” lease at Football Park that continues to 2038.

Politician Frank Pangallo raised the matter in state parliament on Thursday, stating that local residents had been writing to their local member to pose “a series of questions about the Aquatic Centre’s future and growing rumours surrounding the Crows interest”.

“The club should be fully transparent and come out and reveal if it wants to build on the Parklands, in particular on the site of the Adelaide Aquatic Centre,” Mr Pangallo said.

Mr Pangallo called on the State Government to answer the following…


-Has the Adelaide Football Club submitted a proposal or made representations the Government and the Adelaide City Council that it wishes to take over the site and how far advanced are those negotiations?

-Are there implications or conditions that will need to be met under existing laws governing the Parklands for any new re development in the Parklands known as Park 2?

-Would there be a requirement for tenders to be called for any future use or redevelopment of the site?

-Should any development proceed, and the centre is demolished, the city would no longer have aquatic facilities for the public. Does the Government see a need to have aquatic facility and could there be an opportunity to have this incorporated in any future development?

-What would happen to the lease signed by Blackfriars Priory only last year?

-Should the Adelaide Football Club move to the site and redevelop it, would they be required to pay for all the works?


-Would the Adelaide Football Club be “gifted” the land for a nominal or peppercorn lease payment?

-And has the club indicated they will be seeking financial assistance either in the form of loans or grants from the State and/or Federal Government to finance the project?