Adelaide is in the last week of Summer but you wouldn’t know it, with temperatures expected to reach 40 for the start of Autumn.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s latest forecast shows March will start with consecutive days of 40 degrees on Friday and Saturday.

In fact it will be hot all this week with 36 on Tuesday expected to be the lowest maximum until Sunday.

Adelaide is really turning on the weather for its visitors with a big influx of interstate and international visitors expected this weekend for Fringe Festival and the Adelaide Superloop 500, which starts on Thursday and continues until Sunday.

The break to the scorching temperatures will come on Sunday when it is expected to cool down to 29, with a slight chance of rain.

Bureau of Meteorology’s Adelaide forecast (accurate at 5.20am Monday)….

Monday 25 February – 37°


Tuesday 26 February – 36°

Wednesday 27 February – 37°

Thursday 28 February – 37°

Friday 1 March – 40°

Saturday 2 March – 40°

Sunday 3 March – 29°