Cafes and restaurants in the States, like Australia, are closed due to quarantine rules that are in effect.

A man broke into a restaurant on the 11th of April and was caught on the 14th of April by police in Connecticut.

What did he do in the restaurant? Allegedly, he just ate and drank as much as he could before he was caught.

But alas, he was eventually caught, fast asleep with a bottle of rum in his hands. 

And this story so far…makes him seem like a victim and a legend… times are hard in the US so who can blame him for being desperate enough for a feed.

However, after an investigation it was found that the man had not only consumed food and drinks in the restaurant but he also had robbed the restaurant!

With over 70 bottles of booze missing and thousands of dollars of food, this wasn’t just an innocent dine-and-dash.