Emergency services were bracing for the worst on Tuesday as South Australia faces extreme heat of close to 50 degrees.

Adelaide is forecast to reach 41°, and 40° on Wednesday, while parts of South Australia will swelter in up to 48° weather.

By 11am, the temperature in Kent Town was already 38.6°

Premier Steven Marshall said they were “extraordinary temperatures”.

“Make sure you’re looking after older people, they might be family members or next-door neighbours, make sure you’re looking after your pets,” Marshall told The Advertiser.

Vulnerable people – specifically isolated people, people with a disability, or who are frail or old, were encouraged to register for TeleCross REDi phone service, which will call them regularly to check on them during heat.


Provisions were also being made to care for the homeless during the heat, with the SA Housing Authority issuing a ‘Code Red’ to extend their service to the homeless on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The State Emergency Service has issued an ‘extreme heatwave emergency warning’, pointing out that even healthy people were vulnerable in such conditions.

“When it is extremely hot during the day and it does not cool down at night, it is hard for your body to cool itself,” the statement read. “In an extreme heatwave even healthy people who do not take action to keep cool can become very ill.”