A supermarket in the UK has been praised for offering amazing support for an elderly woman with dementia. 

Doron Salomon’s mother (whose names been withheld) has been working as a “picker” at Sainsbury’s for over ten years when she was struck with dementia.

She used to be great at numbers and very organised but the disease has severely impacted her brain function and requires constant help. 

Despite having reasonable cause to let her go, rather than take the easy way out, the store provided her with constant retraining as she regularly forgets what the requirements of her role are. 

They taught their staff how to better communicate with and when she was no longer able to do her old role, they created a simpler one for her. 

“They created a role that didn’t exist so that there was something in-store she could do, despite the fact her job title has never changed, says Salomon.

After six months she finally had her last day on the job.


“My mum was emotional but relieved,” Salomon says.

“Senior management have acted with compassion and handled everything with class and dignity.”