A five-year-old boy has been hit by a car crossing Adelaide’s Marion Rd and the horrifying moment has been captured on camera.

Incredibly the boy has escaped with minor injuries.

He had become lost from his family after taking off ahead of them as they walked down Marion Rd on Sunday. The rest of the family then went into a shop and the boy panicked when he became unsure where they were.

Channel 7 News are broadcasting the footage that shows him waiting on the at a pedestrian crossing on the side of the road to cross on his own.

The boy watches a few cars speed past before taking off, running out into the busy four-lane road.


One SUV narrowly avoids hitting him before he reaches the median strip but he carries on running and is hit by a car that would have had no chance to see him and stop.

The car immediately stops and the driver gets straight out of the vehicle running over to the boy.

The driver told Channel 7 News she saw a “head appear in front of the bonnet” and was overcome with emotion when she jumped out of her car, fearing the worst.

Other passers-by are seen helping the boy off the road before the vision stops.

What a scary moment for everyone involved. Our hearts go out to all who witnessed it, and hope the driver and the boy are both recovering well.