It’s been less than 24 hours since Instagram removed the ability to see likes from their apps, in an effort to “help people focus less on likes and more on telling their story”, but it turns out Instagram hasn’t entirely saved us from ourselves just yet.

If you visit Instagram’s website on a web browser, instead of the actual Instagram app, likes are still completely visible, even if you use a web browser on your phone!

If you visit Instagram on your phone, below posts you’ll now see “[Your Friend 1], [Your Friend 2] and others” liked this post, instead of the like-count it used to give you.

Instagram clearly aren’t fans of the browser version of their site. The original Instagram website launched two years after the initial app, and has lagged behind on features ever since. Seven years since the browser version of Instagram first launched, it still doesn’t give you any way to upload posts or stories (though they do let you upload to IGTV). You also can’t access DMs or like and reply to comments.

Despite making a lot of noise about the importance of this change and how it will improve their platform, amongst a variety of moves to reduce bullying, it seems like they didn’t even bother to make the regional change to their website. What’s even crazier is that likes were removed on the Instagram app in Canada in May, and they still haven’t changed that there, either!


So the good news is, we can still see exactly how many likes the world-record-holding egg has. Should we expect to see likes disappear on the website down the line, or will the Web Browser remain an archive of Instagram’s dark history?